Governing Body

The Governing Body has the power of amending the Charter and the Statutes of the College and sets the rules for College elections. It consists of the Mistress and all actual Fellows of the College, Bye-Fellows and Visiting Fellows excepted, being graduates.

The present Members of the Governing Body are

President: Janab Firhad Hakim
Secretary: Dr. Avijit Ganguly (Principal)
Government Nominee: Janab Firhad Hakim, Dr. Pranab Biswas
University Nominee: Dr. Santanu Pal, Dr. Sujoy Ghosh
Member: Mr. Sasthi Das(Councillor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation)
Dr. Diba Hashmi(Teachers’ Representative)
Dr. Subrata Bagchi(Teachers’ Representative)
Dr. Prabodh Kumar Misra(Teachers’ Representative)
Dr. Ruma Bandyopadhyay(Teachers’ Representative)
Mr. Amal Kumar Dey(Non-Teaching Representative)
Mr. Basudeb Mondal(Non-Teaching Representative)