Electoral Literacy Club

The Electoral Literacy Club of Kidderpore College was set up as per the guidelines of ECI on 4.7.2022 to promote electoral literacy in all age groups of the Indian citizens in general and the students of Kidderpore College in particular by engaging the students in activities which promote awareness about electoral literacy and make them responsible citizens who can significantly contribute to the development of Parliamentary Democracy in India.

The Institutional Electoral Literacy Club was set up to target the new voters especially in the age group of 18 to 21 years pursuing their graduation in the Institution. The Club began its operation with the students of Semester III and V of the Department of Political Science with the aim of embracing almost all the regular and interested students of the College who display active response towards the burning issues affecting the society and polity of the state.

The objectives of the ELC, as stated in the ECI guidelines and keeping in mind the needs of the institutional and local levels are the followings:

  1. To identify and target the students of the age group of 18 o 21 years who have not yet registered their names as voters in the electoral rolls and encourage them to register in the same, at the same time assisting them to get registered.
  2. To educate students about the electoral process, including voter registration, voting procedures, and the significance of elections at local, state, and national levels.
  3. To provide students with information about political parties, candidates, and various issues to help them make informed decisions when casting their votes.
  4. To encourage students to critically evaluate political information, media coverage, and campaign messages to develop a well-rounded understanding of political issues.
  5. To create a platform for the students to express their opinions, discuss political issues, and engage in constructive dialogue with their peers and community members.
  6. To educate students about the ethical and fair election including the role of electoral laws, transparency and accountability in ensuring a democratic electoral process.
  7. To organise voter registration drives awareness campaigns, and outreach activities to increase student participation in elections.

The Nodal Officer of the Electoral Literacy Club at Kidderpore College plays a crucial role in facilitating the club’s activities and ensuring its effectiveness.

    Some of the Key functions of the Nodal Officers include-

  1. Overseeing the functioning of the Electoral Literacy Club and coordinating its activities with relevant college authorities, faculty members and students.
  2. Ensuring the smooth operation of the club by organizing regular meetings, setting agendas, and facilitating discussions on electoral literacy and related topics.
  3. Organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance the electoral literacy and leadership skills of club members.
  4. Monitoring the progress and impact of the club’s activities, collecting feedback from members and participants, and evaluating the effectiveness of various initiatives.
  5. Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines governing electoral literacy initiatives and submitting periodic reports to college authorities and external stakeholders as required.
  6. Developing communication strategies to promote the activities of the club, raise awareness about electoral issues and encourage student participation in club events.
  7. Advocating for the importance of electoral literacy and civic engagement within the college community and providing support and guidance to club members in their effort to promote electoral awareness and participation.


Nodal Officers: Teacher Members: Non Teaching Members: Student Members:
Dr. Iti Biswas

Dr. Chandrabali Das

Dr. Dipanwita Ghosh

Dr. Mahmuda Khanam

Karobi Lahiri

Sanjeev Puri

Guddu Pandey

Rahul Prasad

Sneha Shaw